Compare & Review Two Well-known Affiliate Programmes

Review and Compare SFI and WA

In this review article I will try to tell you more about the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) program and then compare it to the SFI (Strong Future International Marketing Group) Affiliate Center.
But first, why am I qualified to do this comparison…easy; I am a member of both programs and use them on a daily basis.
Like any other good quality affiliate program, they both have their pro’s and cons and I will try to explain what these are.
Because they are so different, it will not be possible to do a direct comparison, and each one has very good points, so here goes;

Quick Summary of the Review

WEALTHY AFFILIATE: Overview & Rankings.

Name: Wealthy Affiliate.
Owners: Kyle & Carsen
Website URL:
Training: 8 out of 10
Support: 9 out of 10
Website Builder: 8 out of 10
WordPress Hosting: 8 out of 10
Research Tools: 6.5 out of 10
Success Stories: 6 out of 10
Price: Starter Member…Free. Upgrade to Premium Membership…$49pm/$359pa.
Successful Home Business rating: 8.5/10description]

SFI (Strong Future International) Marketing Group: Overview & Rankings:

Name: SFI
Owners: Gery
Website URL:
Training: 7 out of 10
Support: 9 out of 10
Website Builder: Personal website supplied
WordPress Hosting: Hosted with SFI
Research Tools: 7 out of 10
Success Stories: 6.5 out of 10
Price: Starter Member…Free. No Upgrade required.
Successful Home Business rating: 8/10

Owners: WA..Kyle & Carson.
If you Google these names you will find that they are all very well known on the internet.

Website/Website Builder:

WA; You get two free domains and get to choose your own domain name. These are done on their SiteRubix platform, working with WordPress. You get a choice of 12 themes, but they are very basic.

It is hosted free of charge on the WA platform. They take you through various video tutorials to show you exactly how to create and set-up the websites. But to go further, you must now upgrade at $49 per month…

SFI; Here you get your own free one page website, but you have very little control other than the information on the page.


WA; The website training done by WA is very thorough and uses the “over the shoulder” video method, plus some text explaining the video. At the end of each lesson you are encouraged to try out what you have just been taught. There are nine of these videos (lessons) in the starter pack.

Eventually, at the end of the course, you come out with two completed websites, created and set up by yourself with all the necessary SEO, plugins, pages and posts.

But remember, this is still very basic and you now need to populate the site with your own niche articles, get some traffic, monetize it, etc. to be able to start making some revenue. But more on that later…

SFI; SFI has a complete different approach to this. Where-as the website creation is the primary part of the WA training, SFI hides their training, which is very thorough in their own right, in one of their back pages which may be difficult to find for the newby.

I can only add that their tutorial videos, which was upgraded recently, are very exhaustive and if you follow it conscientiously, you WILL learn a lot and perhaps create a great website.

As you start with SFI, they offer a series of training videos, called “Launch Pad’. Here you will find 65 lessons on the different ways that the SFI website works and you will get credit points, called VersaPoints for each one you complete. Now you must try to accumulate at least 1500 of these points to upgrade to the first level, Executive Affiliate.

For this you will receive certain benefits. But this goes on and on until you reach a certain level called the “Diamond Team Leader”, hopefully earning some money in the process.

SFI, even if their name suggests differently, concentrates on MLM, which is their main source of business. There are various incentives to encourage you to get “affiliates”, which is more members of your MLM list and then you must promote, inspire and induce them in some way to also get members to fill the 12 deep levels.

But, and this is the catch. As we all know it is quite difficult to induce someone to join an MLM list and then be an active member of that group. Although you “sponsor” will be able to help you get more members and offer any help you may need, the problem is to get ACTIVE members so that you can make some money out of their activities, like buying stuff that is available on the SFI site.


WA: WA offers a super support system. After each tutorial lesson you can ask any question and you will get a reply and in many cases replies from the members or even Kyle himself. There is also a live chat available for the first 7 days after you joined, but after that you have to upgrade and pay $49 per month to get all the additional benefits that they offer. More on that at a later stage.

SFI: The SFI support is also very good. They’ve got a very active forum where you can get all the help you need from the members, and you can even contact the owner, Gery for more pressing matters.


WA: As mentioned above, WA has a very efficient website builder. Guiding you to build a complete website using their Site Rubix software to instantly build a Word Press website for you. All you have to do is to decide on a domain name, name of the site and theme and press the “Build” button and viola, there’s your finished website! It is like magic.

SFI: SFI does not offer a website builder service, but as mentioned above, their web tutorials are very exhaustive and if you follow the instructions you can get very good results.

Research Tools:

Link to >>>Jaaxy Keyword Tool

WA: Here you get two keyword tools, one integrated with the basic program plus the Jaaxy tool. The latter can only be used for 30 searches, for more you must upgrade.

SFI: No keyword tool here that I could discover. However they do supply some other material like SEO, RSS, PPC etc that can prove to be very useful.

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