The Killer Whale of Business Success

The Killer Whale Syndrome

No, It’s not that! It’s not a great big monster, ready to demolish your blog or website. Or the latest untraceable virus or force. It arrives with your approval, you even asked for it. It looks quite innocent and you accept it without much thought. However, it steals your time, your success and ultimately profit… but only if you allow it.


It just looks so benign and ingenuous, but its incapacitating effects run uncontrolled in the business world. Whole days are gone, missing! Programs are slapdash, and work forgotten as businessperson become slaves to its mesmerizing pull. It was configured to make life easier and speed up communications, but rather has become the scourge of the already over-strained business owner.


Like to know what it is? Reading this you are probably already a victim! Yes, it is that beloved “e-mail”.

Just think back…how many times a day do you check your e-mail? Five, six or even twenty times a day, and then you spend on average, how long, ten, twenty thirty or even more minutes reading your messages.

It has been proven that some businessmen spends about 15 minutes out of every 60 reading emails, the majority being spam.

Check Your Email!

Somebody somewhere then started checking his email habits and came to the surprising discovery that he checked his email 22 times a day. When he tried to stop this habit he actually found that he was addicted to it and had a problem stopping.

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An analogy was made, comparing checking email with walking to your mailbox at the post office…imagine going there 20 times a day?

So, how many times a day should you check your email?

Seven Figure Businessmen

These observations were also not just for one penny businessmen, but people netting in the seven figures. Obviously email passion is not specific to anybody.

I discussed this with a multi-millionaire who has actually built several companies, and he confessed that this habit was seriously impairing his productivity!

This is a continuous dilemma for all of us, and we should actively look at it and keep our email activities in check.

Now Banish This Habit

Take extra steps to banish your email from your mind throughout the day and pin a time when you can spend reading emails…and then keep to it! Then spend the rest of the time taking care of your business.

Email was actually defined as “The greatest single interruption in the modern world” by author Tim Ferris. He also recommends to limit checking email only once a day.
It has been suggested that you compel yourself by announcing to someone, say your partner or any group you belong to and state your intentions to them to keep the habit in check.

It can take 3 to 4 weeks to create a habit, so stick to it and create a more productive, winning habit and kill this monster!

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