About Me

Way back, some years ago I stumbled across a website that promised an income online. Knowing nothing about such things I studied the contents and started implementing the prescribed actions.
Predictably, I got nowhere fast but the seed had been sowed. Since then I went through the usual various stages, from being duped by the many scams, spending (lots of) money on the so-called next internet wonder software or “teaching” videos, webinars, ebooks and other useless programs.

Eventually, after some years have gone by (I’m a slow learner!) I started suffering from the dreaded “shiny object syndrome” followed by information overload.
But I kept plugging on; trying to find something that worked for me. Until I finally realized that this internet thing is not a one click get rich quick affair, but something that you have to put in lots of time, effort, the right knowledge, get some sort of mentor or JV partner and, most importantly outsource that what you do not have time for or cannot do.
However, this was not all for aught because I did learn a lot about internet marketing and how to earn an income online on a regular basis. And furthermore, I learned that there are numerous ways to to earn an income and also how to get lots of free traffic to your offer.
I am now retired, going for 77 and spend some satisfying hours a day on my hobby, cabinet making and when I get tired, some time in front of my PC, earning money.
I have worked in various types of businesses; started out in local government and later moving on to the private sector, got the required diplomas and certificates and eventually opened my own successful estate agency. Now I am a retiree.
I now have built several websites, some of which was a complete flop, some making some income and other that is left dormant for the time being. So, going through all this, making all sorts of mistakes and learning from it; got some successes because of these mistakes, I feel that I have something to contribute to this internet debate.